Mission Statement

The mission of CadParts is to provide accurate 3-D CAD Libraries to design engineers. The libraries provide dimensional accurate models of standard purchases parts. These models eliminate the need for engineers to spend time modeling the various parts, which saves much time and money for the company.

A Design Engineer must verify fit, form, and function. Dimensionally correct 3-D CAD models allow the Design Engineer to verify fit and form, but does not allow the engineer to verify function. The function can only be verified by comparing engineering properties of a part with the required properties of the design requirement. To help the engineer verify function, the Libraries from CadParts contain engineering information i.e., material properties, clamp load, allowable torque, etc.

The last part of a Design Engineer’s responsibility is communicating the design to others via drawings and bill of materials. All of our Libraries have an embedded description and part number that gives purchasing all of the necessary information to purchase the part.

Our mission then is to provide accurate 3-D models, engineering specifications, and descriptions, which allow a Design Engineer to design and communicate the design requirements to others.