Fastener Library with Insertion & Mating Program


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The Cadparts Fastener Library has over 11,000 Fasteners. All of the Fasteners carry dimensions as given in The Industrial Fastener Institute (IFI) and ANSI Standards. All of the Fasteners are modeled in SolidWorks.

The entire library contains:

  • Cap Screws – Inch Sizes: Grade 2, 5, &8, Nylon, Brass, Stainless and Silicon Bronze
  • Carriage Bolts – Inch Sizes
  • Square Head Bolts – Inch Sizes
  • Nuts – Inch Sizes: Regular, Coupling, Finished Jam, Locking Flange, Heavy Full, Heavy Jam, Machine Screw, Nylon Locking, Panel, Reversible Lock, Square Nuts
  • Screws – Inch Sizes: Binding Head, Fillister Head, Flat Head, Socket Head Cap Screws, Socket Button Head Cap Screws, Socket, Flat Head, Socket Head Low Head, Pan Head, Round Head, Truss Head
  • Screws – Metric Sizes: Socket Head Cap Screws
  • Shoulder Screws – Inch Sizes
  • Washers – Inch Sizes: C-Sunk Finish Washer, Flat Washer, Lock Washers, External Tooth, Internal Tooth

PEM Hardware – Metric & Inch:

  • Blind Fastener, Floating Nut, PC Board, Pem Nut, Pin, Blind Standoffs, Snap Top Standoffs, Thru Clearance Standoffs, Thru Threaded Standoffs, Flush Studs, Non Flush Studs, Hi Strength Studs


  1. All parts are individual SolidWorks files – compatible from SolidWorks 98 through latest version.
  2. All parts have Bill of Materials Part Description imbedded in file along with torque valve, clamp force, and other engineering properties.
  3. Steel fasteners for both Plated and Non-Plated versions are included in Library
  4. The Library can be installed on any server within the company and be accessed by all users.
  5. Library comes with CadParts Insertion and Mating Program.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee, if not completely satisfied.

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